Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dream #7

We were at a place that was supposed to be the house in reed city, but was not at all. It was brick with white greek or victorian style trim. I was looking at the house, trying to imagine what my parents thought of it when they first saw it.

The house was by the seaside. There was a peninsula with a castle on it nearby. A giant was attacking the castle, but every time it knocked down a tower or a wall, it'd pop right back up-- like a balloon punching doll. The castle wasn't a real castle with people in it, it was just there to distract the giant. I found myself swimming in the water, wondering if the giant was a bully because he was so huge, or if giant-ness was irrelevant to bully-ness.

Later, I was sitting next to Laura in a math class on the first day of classes (which is 2 days away right now in real life). I felt very lucky to be sitting next to her. There was some sort of situation with the course material that the teacher was trying to explain-- we all had binders that had notes in them (as if from already completing the course and taking notes every day) but the teacher was trying to correct some section of these notes which didn't agree with how he was going to teach the class.