Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I've just awoken from a nap. In my dream, I had just awoken from a dream and was talking to my brother, telling him that I just had a really awesome dream, but I knew I wouldn't be able to remember it to tell him. I also talked with him about whether I had briefly spoken with him a while earlier and then gone back to sleep. I thought I had, but I was wondering if I had dreamed that as well.

So, I was extra-surprised to wake up and find out that both conversations were pure fabrication.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alien Settlement Bookstore

We were leaving a planet after an unsuccessful settlement attempt; forced out by the harsh wildlife, which took the form of an underground tentacle that would come up and destroy things, hurt/kill people. I was worried the tentacle had already grown into the ship somehow, but not too worried.

The whole thing was more like a game than a serious settlement: I had the feeling that we were waiting for the other "team" to show up, and part of why we had to leave was because they didn't show (rather than because of the harsh wildlife). It seemed like it would only be a short trip to the next star.

There was a rummage sale going on while we picked up camp, since some people had things they didn't care to keep. I was looking through books and trying to decide on a couple to take. There was a weirdly complex price system where some items would be free. It's likely that there was no coherent version in the dream, but it was something like: buy an item with a yellow ribbon on it and you can turn in the yellow ribbon to get a free item, but only from a specific category of freebie items.

In any case, I found two graphic novels and was trying to figure out the price system (as well as thinking about how I'd need to pack my own items and shouldn't be taking too much time going through other people's discards) when I woke up.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Left Behind

My brother and I were at some kind of event, which was in an unfamiliar town. The person driving us was acting impatient, in a way which I took to be non-serious. It turned out to be totally serious: when my brother got out of the car to get something forgotten (like a cell phone or cell phone charger), he started the car and left. I thought at first he was still joking and would turn around, but when I figured out that he wouldn't, I got out of the car. I was a good distance away from the starting point already, and had to walk back through the unfamiliar city (including walking on some roadways not intended for pedestrians, because I needed to retrace the route taken by the car to avoid getting lost).

I also remember another part of the dream, which had to do with getting food in a greatly distorted version of my hometown school. (Too distorted to identify as middle school / high school / elementary school.) I think this was the event we were going to (despite the unfamiliar town). There were people there who had gone to school near when I did, but different enough that they were several grades below me and I had never heard of them while in school.

There was a detail about a kid who was universally shunned by the people in his grade while in school.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meet Joe Black + Police Training

I watched the movie Meet Joe Black last night, and it had a large influence on my dreaming. However, I also combined it with the following movie premise:

"Imagine a family so skilled in the art of disguise that it's normal to question which relative you're really talking to."

(In the dream, this was a much more dramatic speech describing the situation... I couldn't replicate it properly.)

So, the family in Meet Joe Black was involved in a number of double-twists involving removal of masks and finding out who people really were.

The father (Bill Parrish) mentioned now and again some life work which he had kept secret. In the most important scene of the dream, Susan (who is the favorite daughter in the movie) convinces him to hand it over to her. (The implication seems to be that previously, he did not think she was up to the task.) Mr. Parrish removes some dusty papers in a binder, from an old box of toys left over from before the children grew. He gives these to Susan. She takes off her mask and it turns out that she is really the mother, who everyone thought to be dead for many years.

In the dream, I had joined the police force as a side job to make spending money while finishing school. There was a scene at the firing range, learning to use a gun. The chief demonstrated several types of guns, showing us that with the most expensive gun, it was much easier to hit bullseye every time; he lamented the fact that the police department didn't have the budget to buy that gun for everyone, saying that it would save lives.

It seems that I was taking a city bus every day in this life, between two very different parts of the city. I would regularly be in the neighborhood of Bill Parrish and his family during part of the day.

There was a scene where our rights as police were explained to us. We were told that we had no right to violate the law, and so in many situations we were dependent on the compliance of the criminals we were trying to catch. There was a scene illustrating this, with one of my fellow police-in-training talking to an uncooperative youngster who looked like he may be trying to break into a house, but had not yet violated any law, and was waiting for the policeman to be on his way.