Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jungle House

I was making repeated train trips somewhere, by force. The government was requiring these train trips for some reason. Every time I went, I walked to the train station with a priest. The priest and I would frequently have a conversation about Hell. The priest had a strange idea that I, as an atheist, must be OK with spending some time in Hell and would ask me about how long I think I'd be willing to spend, stuff like that.

The train station was not in a very public location -- it was in the back of some other building, like a small church maybe, which stood on a grassy corner away from the busy part of town. The station itself was underground, down a flight of stairs. When we arrived, there would always be some problems with paperwork. I would stick close to the priest, who was better at these things. I think there was also something about changing into clothes more appropriate for the train ride (maybe government-issue uniforms). The destination of the train was someplace very far, like China. After getting things sorted out, we would wait a long time for the train in a crowded room with other people.

One time, the train took much longer (or much shorter?) to arrive than usual. It turned out that the train was "infested by a Vampire", which really meant that the machinery of the train had taken over its operation and locked out all human control. We were all required to get on the train anyway; there was no alternative, even though now the government was not in control of the situation.

Later in the dream, I was moving into a house in a jungle-like area with an older woman and two slightly younger people who were brother and sister. A lot of the dream was spent on details of moving in; the house had bizarre plumbing and electricity systems to decipher, and a lot of dust and old stuff to move out. We also planted a garden and some other things. At one point I was quite excited to figure out that some red strobe lights which we kept finding around the place must have been part of the original lighting system in the structure, before it was turned into a house; they must therefore have been quite old, although they appeared to be in quite good repair because they were likely never used.

The brother and sister who were moving in with us had no religious upbringing, but they were under the distinct impression that they were descendants of God's chosen people and that this jungle climate really was not for them -- "Surely God wants His people to move back to the promised land.", they'd say. I don't know why they decided to move in with us, but they were quite unhappy and often physically ill.

During this part of the dream, the old lady would occasionally be interacting with strange animals; most memorably, at one point she was cradling an "information weasel" in her arms and taking it down to the road. When asked, she could not explain where the animals had come from or what she was doing with them beyond the obvious; and I could not explain what an information weasel was, even though I apparently knew one when I saw one.

Once we got the house all set up, a deity put a curse on it. The deity was a green floating head. It did not make its problem with us clear, but it dit make it clear that we should leave the place. Poisonous plants grew madly all over the house, and dangerous animals became attracted to the area. None of these ever caused a problem for us, so I was wondering if it was some kind of illusion or if it was a serious threat after all.

I woke up around here, but I shut my eyes again for a little while. In my half-sleep, the dream continued with us realizing that every time the older woman had been with one of her strange animals was a time when we got an important letter or phone call. The information weasel represented information!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


I was aware that this was a dream, but I was not lucid.

I believe I was moving back to my hometown in the dream. (In real life I'm not doing this, but I'm moving back somewhere close.) I was trying to retrieve some boxes I had shipped; it seemed I was attempting to retrieve them from out of a garbage truck. I was doing this with two totally fictitious high-school friends, in the parking lot of a (much more run-down) version of our high school. Somehow, successful completion of the task involved getting access to lockers inside the high school, which we did.

On our way back out of the high school, Evita Moreau suddenly appeared. This was quite a surprise, as she (as far as I know while waking, and also as far as I knew in this dream) essentially never appears in my dreams. (This is a person who I never see in real life either, but who formed a strong impression.) She had aged and wasn't so recognizable, but nonetheless I knew instantly who she was and was trying to figure out what to do about it while we talked.

The conversation reached no special conclusion, and she faded into the realms of mystery once again. (I don't remember any actual words which we said to each other.) I went outside to go home with the two friends. It was getting dark, and the grass was mostly dead and damp as it might be in late autumn. There were many crows in the air. The crows had an unnatural dark shadow/cloud which followed them as they flew; I was quite aware of it being physically implausible, and was trying hard to come up with an explanation for this. Then I saw a skeleton of some large beast, surrounded by dense black fur. The body had been picked clean. All the crows around were trailing (still physically implausibly) black fur from the beast, indicating that they had participated in the slaughter (or at least the subsequent cleanup). I became a bit worried about the crows eating me, and hurried along.

Monday, June 13, 2016


I released some kind of noncorporeal SCP-style horror. This entity was being contained in a government facility which seemed to be a mixture of datacenter, power plant, and research center. I don't remember exactly why I released the entity, but it might have been malicious on my part. The main effect of the entity was to create pervasive glitches in reality having to do with most kinds of communication channel. Any kind of symbolic communication would be changed randomly, in ways that mostly maintained the pragmatics of the message while destroying epistemic content. In other words, the more a property of the message matters to you, the more likely it is to be preserved by the entity; but unimportant aspects of the message get a lot of noise injected. The communication glitches are inserted into the brain as well, resulting in an altered state of consciousness for everyone. However, spoken language was only mildly effected by the glitches (as compared to written language).

An additional effect of the entity which was not so obvious was that any symbolic act involving a symbol for "up" is interpreted as a call for the entity to eat you. Somehow we were able to communicate this to people without getting eaten, though.

Society gradually devolved into a non-functioning post-apocalyptic state due to the difficulty of things running smoothly under the influence of the entity.

Monday, January 11, 2016


The main portion of the dream was about living in an unfinished house. The sense was somewhat post-apocalyptic, but more a large financial meltdown then a zombie apocalypse. There weren't resources to properly finish the house. However, I remember two houses; the idea seemed to be that we were taking stuff from my childhood home to try and finish this new house, but it wasn't going so well. I recall a storage room filled with furniture which had been painted over too many times, and then left unused. I also recall being in the old house with Mom and Daniel, and pointing out that all the books were supposed to be moved to the new house already. Mom replied that, well, we had moved everything at one point but we'd picked up new books since then. There was also a bit about flowers growing outside the old house, which mom recently planted. I tried to move a small one from a bad spot to a better one, but realized there were so many it didn't matter.

There was a song on the radio which I tried to look up in the dream because it seemed really interesting. I thought it could be the mamas and the papas, based on the style, but the content of the song was something about atheism. I wish I could remember more about it. There were lines saying that when you're getting married it all makes sense, but then what if you die and there's no recompense? That was the most significant line, but I don't remember what the other lyrics could have been. In the dream, I made up extra lyrics to the same melody which went something like: Moses stepped in the 20th way to find knowledge of God; but his knowledge was wrong to the present day. (This is mostly capturing the sense of what was said without capturing the rhythm. This "20th way" was an obvious indication that Moses had a lot of knowledge of rituals, in the dream.) I considered these new lyrics worse, but felt they added something missing in the song; something like comparison to ancient religion where the song discussed just modern.