Thursday, June 16, 2016


I was aware that this was a dream, but I was not lucid.

I believe I was moving back to my hometown in the dream. (In real life I'm not doing this, but I'm moving back somewhere close.) I was trying to retrieve some boxes I had shipped; it seemed I was attempting to retrieve them from out of a garbage truck. I was doing this with two totally fictitious high-school friends, in the parking lot of a (much more run-down) version of our high school. Somehow, successful completion of the task involved getting access to lockers inside the high school, which we did.

On our way back out of the high school, Evita Moreau suddenly appeared. This was quite a surprise, as she (as far as I know while waking, and also as far as I knew in this dream) essentially never appears in my dreams. (This is a person who I never see in real life either, but who formed a strong impression.) She had aged and wasn't so recognizable, but nonetheless I knew instantly who she was and was trying to figure out what to do about it while we talked.

The conversation reached no special conclusion, and she faded into the realms of mystery once again. (I don't remember any actual words which we said to each other.) I went outside to go home with the two friends. It was getting dark, and the grass was mostly dead and damp as it might be in late autumn. There were many crows in the air. The crows had an unnatural dark shadow/cloud which followed them as they flew; I was quite aware of it being physically implausible, and was trying hard to come up with an explanation for this. Then I saw a skeleton of some large beast, surrounded by dense black fur. The body had been picked clean. All the crows around were trailing (still physically implausibly) black fur from the beast, indicating that they had participated in the slaughter (or at least the subsequent cleanup). I became a bit worried about the crows eating me, and hurried along.

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