Monday, June 29, 2009

Dream #3

I only remember a few images.

One is me looking for a class that I was starting. Obviously, this is based on the fact that Daniel starts a class today, and had too look up the location yesterday. In the dream, I had not looked up the location. I remembered that it was a low-level math class, and that I had decided not to buy the book, figuring that I would be able to look up and print out the homework. I found a high-level math class and other classes that could not be it. The school from the dream was like middle school, except with 2 stories (though I stayed on the first) and the classrooms I was looking at were in the front, where the cafeteria and office are in real life.

Another snatch of the dream is I/we walking around in a city. I/we talked to this girl, who for some reason I don't recall started telling us about this game/papercraft/thing. "Basically it is a bunch of swear words in a specific sequence." It was a folded paper object on which you wrote the swear words, and then you get them back in sequence by folding over flaps and turning it inside out and so on. Daniel made one that used stick-figure illustrations with circles over different body parts to indicate the required swear words. (The stick figures were totally genderless and without anotomical detail, so really this would not work very well!)

I also remembered a 3rd part, but now I do not.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream #2

I do not remember the order thing happened in this dream.

There was a part where I/we were walking along a sidewalk and looking at yard sales. (I say "I/we" because I may or may not have been a group of people. This is probably the most accurate pronoun for most of my dreams-- ambiguous plural/singular self.) This was very much based on yesterday; there are a lot of yardsales around right now. But, the yardsales were larger and the things in them were more like things in antique stores. I believe I/we visited two such sales, and the second one became an indoor thing after a while (so, *really* an antique store). The whole dream was more east/west then north/south (unlike walkking yesterday), including after I/we were indoors; so, the building was basically long and thin. Also, it did not have a flat floor-- there were several levels , but nothing elevated/lowered enough to require a real stairway, just single steps.

At this point I started looking at some fancy toothpicks. There were several different kinds. Some just had small pebbles as handgrips, some were more crafted. The picks themselves were still wodden, which I take it is fairly unrealistic for a decorative toothpick set. One of them was covered in resin or something, though. (The whole thing; handle and wooden picking-end.) An older man started explaining the craftmanship and origins to me. Apparently these were mountaneering toothpicks. They came from two competing companies, and he explained how they approached the problem of making the handle differently (one manufactured by subtracting material, the other by adding material). One of the two approaches was superior (adding?) and eventually won the majority of the marked for decorative mountaneering toothpicks.

There was also a segment somewhere in the dream in which a church trip which I was not going on still for some reason was leaving from our old house in Reed City. When it pulled away, I could see a large toy robot (of a very simple design) in the back. The next thing I remember is being in a car with the family (apparently we were going on a trip of our own) and talking with Daniel about the movie that robot was from (not a real movie). We had been anticipating it, but we realized we had somehow let its release slip by some time ago.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dream #1

It was Halloween, and the band was putting on some kind of show (as if it was drama club, I guess). This show was physically located where there was a hardware store in Reed City... or maybe in the old Hotel.

Anyway, I was supposed to be dressed as a pirate, but hadn't put together the costume. I was supposed to have gotten stuff from home. Now there was not enough time to do that. I went to some other local store (one which does not exist in real life), and asked if there was any way to get a pirate hat even though it was already all hallow's eve. (For some reason the hat was the most important part of the costume.) The clerk was an expert at making stuff out of paper, and was able to make me one pretty quick. It wasn't tricorner though. Actually, it looked more like a witch hat, but he had some pictures of pirates wearing that style of hat and assured me it was a pirate hat.

After that I wandered around some. I don't think I made it back to the show.

I woke up (in the dream) feeling oddly heavy. I discovered that weights were attached to me-- varying-sized metal ball bearings, in sacks attached to clips attached to my belt. Yea, freudian interpretation, whatever. Anyway, I took off the two really heavy ones and didn't bother with the rest. They were all on the rear side of my belt so it was hard in the dream to find and unclip them.

Someone (mom?) explained that the weights were from the neighbor upstairs. (This was a house we've never lived in.) She had not been using them, so someone took them. Apparently without asking. There may have been the idea that that neighbor had been gone along time-- IE, her stuff was just sitting up there, abandoned. This does not explain how they got on my belt (or why I was wearing pants when I got up).