Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jungle House

I was making repeated train trips somewhere, by force. The government was requiring these train trips for some reason. Every time I went, I walked to the train station with a priest. The priest and I would frequently have a conversation about Hell. The priest had a strange idea that I, as an atheist, must be OK with spending some time in Hell and would ask me about how long I think I'd be willing to spend, stuff like that.

The train station was not in a very public location -- it was in the back of some other building, like a small church maybe, which stood on a grassy corner away from the busy part of town. The station itself was underground, down a flight of stairs. When we arrived, there would always be some problems with paperwork. I would stick close to the priest, who was better at these things. I think there was also something about changing into clothes more appropriate for the train ride (maybe government-issue uniforms). The destination of the train was someplace very far, like China. After getting things sorted out, we would wait a long time for the train in a crowded room with other people.

One time, the train took much longer (or much shorter?) to arrive than usual. It turned out that the train was "infested by a Vampire", which really meant that the machinery of the train had taken over its operation and locked out all human control. We were all required to get on the train anyway; there was no alternative, even though now the government was not in control of the situation.

Later in the dream, I was moving into a house in a jungle-like area with an older woman and two slightly younger people who were brother and sister. A lot of the dream was spent on details of moving in; the house had bizarre plumbing and electricity systems to decipher, and a lot of dust and old stuff to move out. We also planted a garden and some other things. At one point I was quite excited to figure out that some red strobe lights which we kept finding around the place must have been part of the original lighting system in the structure, before it was turned into a house; they must therefore have been quite old, although they appeared to be in quite good repair because they were likely never used.

The brother and sister who were moving in with us had no religious upbringing, but they were under the distinct impression that they were descendants of God's chosen people and that this jungle climate really was not for them -- "Surely God wants His people to move back to the promised land.", they'd say. I don't know why they decided to move in with us, but they were quite unhappy and often physically ill.

During this part of the dream, the old lady would occasionally be interacting with strange animals; most memorably, at one point she was cradling an "information weasel" in her arms and taking it down to the road. When asked, she could not explain where the animals had come from or what she was doing with them beyond the obvious; and I could not explain what an information weasel was, even though I apparently knew one when I saw one.

Once we got the house all set up, a deity put a curse on it. The deity was a green floating head. It did not make its problem with us clear, but it dit make it clear that we should leave the place. Poisonous plants grew madly all over the house, and dangerous animals became attracted to the area. None of these ever caused a problem for us, so I was wondering if it was some kind of illusion or if it was a serious threat after all.

I woke up around here, but I shut my eyes again for a little while. In my half-sleep, the dream continued with us realizing that every time the older woman had been with one of her strange animals was a time when we got an important letter or phone call. The information weasel represented information!