Friday, March 3, 2017

Art Show

We (ambiguous group of people) were walking from Dad's house to Mom's, and noticed an art sale taking place in Joe's yard (out on the lawn - I was a bit worried about what would happen if it rained). There were primarily lots of copies of two different paintings. They didn't look like prints; they looked like re-paintings of the same thing. They were watercolor. I thought they looked very familiar, like Mom actually painted those a long time ago.

One painting consisted of four or five poppies, viewed from above/side (45 degree angle). The other was a garden, but painted in a geometric way; there were a lot of interlocking triangles to represent plots, in an orderly grid (looking somewhat like a quilt design).

We walked into the show. In addition to the paintings, there were vegetables on sale film Joe's garden. I was trying to figure out if the paintings were Mom's. The layout of the show was very confusing, and I never managed to get close to the paintings I recognized to examine them.

We left, briefly being very renaissance-themed in terms of clothing and surroundings; the exit was a nice brick stairway up to a university street.

At the university, we became modern again. The art show was now all a dream, and my obsession was no longer whether the paintings were Mom's, but whether the people who were with me had dreamed it too. One person readily admitted to that, but I was trying to get details com her/him (the person remained ambiguous) to confirm.

We had to go to a class on morality, which had a very strict/domineering teacher. I was too curious about the dream to pay much attention. We were supposed to bring some props yoto this lesson; I prepared a mental image in preparation for claiming that she hadn't specified that they needed to be real physical objects, but it turned out she had spares for the forgetful. The lecture was about Gods.

After the class, I continued trying to get information about the dream from this person. They started to seem uncooperative. We were now visiting Britain, and it seemed it was some kind of business trip. At an outdoor table, we had a chummy conversation with people we were visiting. I noticed a girl coming down a walkway, who was making a big show of acting as if she was controlling a tendril of fog which happened to be drifting along. I caught her eye and she continued the performance just for me - or that's what I thought.

After the meeting broke up, I went and looked for the girl, who was indeed still close by; but, another meeting attendee had found her first, and actually knew her. There were some introductions, the content of which I have forgotten.

I then tried again to get information about the dream with the paintings from the person I had been trying with before (who was now definitely female). She asked what I thought about dreams. I told her that I try to regard them shamanistically, because it's simply more fun that way; wondering if the dream means something and so on. She was offended by this and no longer had any interest in telling her part of the dream.

After this there was a portion in a very rainy, run-down place. Mom had moved my clothing from out of where I had piled it in a shower, and I was quite upset about this for some reason (even though I recognized that it would be necessary you move the things in order to take a shower). Then, I found some guy's keys in a makeshift drain (made of black flexible tube); but, it seemed a lot of keys had been dropped in there, so it would take a while to sort them out. The guy was big and muscular; I though if him as a security-guard type.