Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hopping Trucks with Justin

Justin (friend at work) was teaching me the unlikely art of travelling around by hopping in the back of trucks (without the owner's permission). We weren't trying to get anywhere, just doing it for it. My brother and some other people (unclear) were at a school, after-hours, which also seemed to be a "sneak in" kind of situation; but this was home base, which Justin and I would come from and try to return to via ill-gotten truck rides.

A couple of times, I thought that I lost my cell phone or wallet in one of the vehicles. I would eventually find them. This is surprising, since often in dreams you can never find what you're looking for. There was a scene where I was outside the classroom where everyone else was, after Justin and I returning from a truck-hopping journey, and I was looking for my cell phone in several pairs of pants I had. I found my old cell phone first, which confused me; it had the new cover that my brother put on it. (In hindsight, this makes perfect sense, since my brother was there.) A person then wandered by while I was changing pants, which surprised me. It turned out that this person had just come from another group using classrooms after hours; a music remix club. They came and met our group, and we discussed remixing (displaying our ignorance).