Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dream #8

Laura was dressing for a job interview, mostly selecting from my clothes because we were at my place and she only had what she was wearing. The job: illustration. She figured that she should therefore dress in a colorful manner. I didn't really think all the colors matched, until she was dome selecting from my clothes and added a translucent silk scarf that she'd had with her, which happened to have most of the colors as the clothing she'd selected. (These included orange and purple, but I do not remember what else.) The pattern on the scarf was some sort of flying thing (a bird or an insect).

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dream #7

We were at a place that was supposed to be the house in reed city, but was not at all. It was brick with white greek or victorian style trim. I was looking at the house, trying to imagine what my parents thought of it when they first saw it.

The house was by the seaside. There was a peninsula with a castle on it nearby. A giant was attacking the castle, but every time it knocked down a tower or a wall, it'd pop right back up-- like a balloon punching doll. The castle wasn't a real castle with people in it, it was just there to distract the giant. I found myself swimming in the water, wondering if the giant was a bully because he was so huge, or if giant-ness was irrelevant to bully-ness.

Later, I was sitting next to Laura in a math class on the first day of classes (which is 2 days away right now in real life). I felt very lucky to be sitting next to her. There was some sort of situation with the course material that the teacher was trying to explain-- we all had binders that had notes in them (as if from already completing the course and taking notes every day) but the teacher was trying to correct some section of these notes which didn't agree with how he was going to teach the class.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dream #6

This is yesterday's dream.

Sad dream again. Why have I been having so many? Somehow it doesn't feel bad though.

The setting of this dream was one in which people had random abilities/superpowers.

I was at a school supposed to be located in California. I had a sister who was with me. We were fairly young. Her power was to turn into a dragon. She could do it partially rather than fully, and often did so that she had a tail and such. In that state she looked sort of like a baby dragon.

We had both been pulled out of regular school fairly recently to go to this special school. It could have been a school for the people with powers.

We were in a classroom that was facing west. The teacher, who we'd just met and didn't know very well, had the lights off and was showing something on a projector that was apparently built into a laptop. My sister accidentally kicked at the laptop or brushed it with her tail, and everything skewed off the projector screen. Everyone was annoyed with her. While everyone complained, she tried to kick it back into proper alignment. This took a little while, making people more annoyed. (She should have just gotten up from her seat and moved it back, or let the teacher get it.)

Somehow, this led to the teacher taking her aside. I think something more happened in here for her to actually get in trouble, but I don't remember what it was.

In addition to the power to turn into a dragon, she had the power to instantaneously change locations. Where she would appear was somewhat random. She was frustrated enough by the ordeal that she used this power to escape being chastised. She chose to appear somewhere really far away. As it happened, she appeared in a cave in another state.

There was someone in the cave, who she heard moving around. She became a dragon so that she could defend herself if she needed to. The person, who turned out to be male, spoke. He asked what she was doing here. She tried to convince him that she was a dragon that lived in this cave, and that he should leave.He informed her that this lie was rather bad, because he lived in the cave and had never seen a dragon. He wasn't angered by her trying to lie to him, though. For him this was normal; he might have done the same thing. A bad lie was just amusing.

He lit a fire in an old steel drum, and there was light. He was a werewolf-type creature, with the ability to heal almost instantly from most injuries. (He demonstrated by putting a cigar to his arm.) To him this was very unfortunate: he had a death wish. He was also an alcoholic.

When he was finished saying these things, he took a drink from the lighter fluid instead of his alcohol. He then started walking towards the fire. It was clear that he planned to (unrealistically) blow himself up by getting near the fire. My sister (back in semi-human form) grabbed his arm to stop him, but he pulled away.

At this point things get a little weird. There were several of the students there instead of just my sister. She and most of the others ran for cover, finding that going just around the bend in the cave led them back to the school. Then there was an explosion, immediately after which a teacher explained that one student had been injured trying to stop the guy, and that the guy had successfully killed himself.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dream #5

I was looking for someone.

It was a kidnapping. I was expecting to see the kid and the unknown assailant around every corner. I was desperate.

There were police everywhere, but they were not looking. No reason was given for this; it seemed more like my personal thing, like maybe I was the only one who hadn't given up the search. Or like I hadn't yet gone to the police.

Another thing that was everywhere: machine guns. Some were manned by police, some were not. One that was not was manned by a dangerous-seeming teen.

This kid was proud of having learned how to man the gun. He felt it gave him power. The right to do whatever he wanted.

He had his eye on me. No particular reason, I think. He'd just chosen me as a target for pranks, at random. Experimenting, he tricked me into searching on a dirt path that went next to the highway. (The dream did not specify how he got me to do this. He did not speak to me.) This section of path led up to the boy's crow's nest, on which the machine gun was mounted.

All the machine guns were mounted next to the highway, though not all of them were on crow's nests.

I had started walking the dirt path near where the crow's nest was, heading back in the direction of town. I didn't find anything. I met the police once along the way, but they did not bother me. They said hello cheerily.

Once I'd gotten back to town following the path, things get fuzzier. The kid's girlfriend was talking to him (back in the crow's nest). She didn't see the point of his prank. I met some friends. One of them had the idea that garbage men could help with the search. "They have keys to everything." This seemed like a good idea in the dream. The friend had brought along a garbage man he'd been talking to.

That's it for that section.

I also dreamed that Daniel and I had started swimming up the creek that ran through our yard in Reed City (impossible in real life, as it is too small, and runs underground in human-installed tubes for most of its stay in town). To our amazement, at the end of the day we wound up swimming back into the yard, having gone a full circle that included some time in one of the great lakes. (Also impossible, of course, because streams end in the lakes, but do not begin there.) What I found impossible about the whole thing in the dream was that we'd swam against the current the whole way, going upstream instead of downstream.

In another portion of dream we visited a garden. (Daniel, Mom, and I.)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dream #4

This dream starts out in the 5th grade cafeteria.

5th grade was in its own building, with a cafeteria that was also used by 4th grade. I suppose the cafeteria was really the majority of the building.

In the dream, the cafeteria had a much higher ceiling (like the high school cafeteria). Above the ceiling were three rooms, with skylight-like structures looking down into the cafeteria.

The three rooms were for the really popular kids. There were three so that different types of popular could be accomodated: jocks in one room, goths in another, that sort of thing. The rooms could be used by the popular kids not only during lunch, but any time. They were referred to as "apartments", and some of the kids really did live there.

At some point there was a fight down in the cafeteria, between the three different types of kid. The popular kids observed through the glass. The fight ended in a sort of slow roll, with a few last injuries being exchanged by kids trying to get the "last word", after it was all really over.

Each of these was reciprocated quickly, and so did not really acheive the purpose. People saw this and quit trying.

I was not one of the kids in the dream. I looked on with some interest, even further removed then the popular kids. In the dream, I was actually disappointed that the fight stopped. It had been entertaining. Though, in truth, I didn't even bother to visualize anything but the very end of the fight. The rolling stop was my attempt to imagine a fight. My disappointment was really just that I couldn't get people to hit eachother without them immediately realizing how pointless it is.

The next part of the dream did have me in it.

For some reason, me and two others were trying to sneak into the cafeteria. Maybe we were trying to get into the popular kid rooms. Anyway, the mastermind of the project was someone whose only defined property was the tendency to make overcomplicated plans. He was a character a little like Tom Sawyer or Detective Cluesoe from Pink Panther. (The old ones.) The break-in plan involved a lookalike for me (this was the 3rd person).

All that happened before the plan went to pieces was that I walked around the corner of the building and met my lookalike.

I am not sure exactly how the plan went to pieces, but we three ended up in the getaway vehicle, getting away.

We just kept driving.

The getaway drive turned into a way of life. We made enough money for gasoline based on an odd trading system that started with an initial theft, but involved mutually profitable transactions from that point on. The gas stations were not really gas stations. They were indoor rooms, which were mostly filled with odd tourist stuff: supposedly historical artifacts. These are the things we "traded" back and forth between stations to make a profit. We did this without permission from the stations, but always made trades that were beneficial to both sides. And took a little money from the till for our trouble.

Eventually we got into territory in which this way of life was becoming impossible. It was like we knew there would be a big fight coming up. A boss we had to pass, like it was a video game. I stocked up on little grenades that I was now taking from the stations instead of money. The leader thought we would have to get rid of all those, however, in order to get past some sort of border guard. His plan instead was to (like a video game) fight a lot of minions once we got past the border guard, so that we would level up before coming to the boss.

That part ended there.

The next part was a large family reunion, taking place in a church-like building. (It had rows of pews, but they seemed to be all over the place, not facing an alter like in a church.) The atmosphere was much like a public church thanksgiving dinner. It was quite late, so there was not much food left, but lots of people were still there. Daniel and I went to get some food. The food that was left was along the side of a ramp leading up to more pews (think of a stadium). We had expected there to be more food up where the pews were, but there were just people in pews.

Someone we had seen last year at the same event stopped us. A politician in the family. I let him give his shpeal to Daniel while I got food.

In the morning I was at a different family reunion, with Laura's family. I was excited to see Laura, but she was fairly busy helping serve dishes and such. She did however attempt to teach me all the inside jokes of the family, and we managed to get one hug in.

Some of that reunion went on outside in what looked like Dad's yard (but wasn't supposed to be). I didn't see Laura outside, though. There were lots of people there, and I was taking photos. After a while, there were big white furry creatures there. They were something like a mix of giant sloth and antelope. I was under the impression that they were capable of talking, though they did not talk to me.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Dream #3

I only remember a few images.

One is me looking for a class that I was starting. Obviously, this is based on the fact that Daniel starts a class today, and had too look up the location yesterday. In the dream, I had not looked up the location. I remembered that it was a low-level math class, and that I had decided not to buy the book, figuring that I would be able to look up and print out the homework. I found a high-level math class and other classes that could not be it. The school from the dream was like middle school, except with 2 stories (though I stayed on the first) and the classrooms I was looking at were in the front, where the cafeteria and office are in real life.

Another snatch of the dream is I/we walking around in a city. I/we talked to this girl, who for some reason I don't recall started telling us about this game/papercraft/thing. "Basically it is a bunch of swear words in a specific sequence." It was a folded paper object on which you wrote the swear words, and then you get them back in sequence by folding over flaps and turning it inside out and so on. Daniel made one that used stick-figure illustrations with circles over different body parts to indicate the required swear words. (The stick figures were totally genderless and without anotomical detail, so really this would not work very well!)

I also remembered a 3rd part, but now I do not.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream #2

I do not remember the order thing happened in this dream.

There was a part where I/we were walking along a sidewalk and looking at yard sales. (I say "I/we" because I may or may not have been a group of people. This is probably the most accurate pronoun for most of my dreams-- ambiguous plural/singular self.) This was very much based on yesterday; there are a lot of yardsales around right now. But, the yardsales were larger and the things in them were more like things in antique stores. I believe I/we visited two such sales, and the second one became an indoor thing after a while (so, *really* an antique store). The whole dream was more east/west then north/south (unlike walkking yesterday), including after I/we were indoors; so, the building was basically long and thin. Also, it did not have a flat floor-- there were several levels , but nothing elevated/lowered enough to require a real stairway, just single steps.

At this point I started looking at some fancy toothpicks. There were several different kinds. Some just had small pebbles as handgrips, some were more crafted. The picks themselves were still wodden, which I take it is fairly unrealistic for a decorative toothpick set. One of them was covered in resin or something, though. (The whole thing; handle and wooden picking-end.) An older man started explaining the craftmanship and origins to me. Apparently these were mountaneering toothpicks. They came from two competing companies, and he explained how they approached the problem of making the handle differently (one manufactured by subtracting material, the other by adding material). One of the two approaches was superior (adding?) and eventually won the majority of the marked for decorative mountaneering toothpicks.

There was also a segment somewhere in the dream in which a church trip which I was not going on still for some reason was leaving from our old house in Reed City. When it pulled away, I could see a large toy robot (of a very simple design) in the back. The next thing I remember is being in a car with the family (apparently we were going on a trip of our own) and talking with Daniel about the movie that robot was from (not a real movie). We had been anticipating it, but we realized we had somehow let its release slip by some time ago.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dream #1

It was Halloween, and the band was putting on some kind of show (as if it was drama club, I guess). This show was physically located where there was a hardware store in Reed City... or maybe in the old Hotel.

Anyway, I was supposed to be dressed as a pirate, but hadn't put together the costume. I was supposed to have gotten stuff from home. Now there was not enough time to do that. I went to some other local store (one which does not exist in real life), and asked if there was any way to get a pirate hat even though it was already all hallow's eve. (For some reason the hat was the most important part of the costume.) The clerk was an expert at making stuff out of paper, and was able to make me one pretty quick. It wasn't tricorner though. Actually, it looked more like a witch hat, but he had some pictures of pirates wearing that style of hat and assured me it was a pirate hat.

After that I wandered around some. I don't think I made it back to the show.

I woke up (in the dream) feeling oddly heavy. I discovered that weights were attached to me-- varying-sized metal ball bearings, in sacks attached to clips attached to my belt. Yea, freudian interpretation, whatever. Anyway, I took off the two really heavy ones and didn't bother with the rest. They were all on the rear side of my belt so it was hard in the dream to find and unclip them.

Someone (mom?) explained that the weights were from the neighbor upstairs. (This was a house we've never lived in.) She had not been using them, so someone took them. Apparently without asking. There may have been the idea that that neighbor had been gone along time-- IE, her stuff was just sitting up there, abandoned. This does not explain how they got on my belt (or why I was wearing pants when I got up).