Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dream #6

This is yesterday's dream.

Sad dream again. Why have I been having so many? Somehow it doesn't feel bad though.

The setting of this dream was one in which people had random abilities/superpowers.

I was at a school supposed to be located in California. I had a sister who was with me. We were fairly young. Her power was to turn into a dragon. She could do it partially rather than fully, and often did so that she had a tail and such. In that state she looked sort of like a baby dragon.

We had both been pulled out of regular school fairly recently to go to this special school. It could have been a school for the people with powers.

We were in a classroom that was facing west. The teacher, who we'd just met and didn't know very well, had the lights off and was showing something on a projector that was apparently built into a laptop. My sister accidentally kicked at the laptop or brushed it with her tail, and everything skewed off the projector screen. Everyone was annoyed with her. While everyone complained, she tried to kick it back into proper alignment. This took a little while, making people more annoyed. (She should have just gotten up from her seat and moved it back, or let the teacher get it.)

Somehow, this led to the teacher taking her aside. I think something more happened in here for her to actually get in trouble, but I don't remember what it was.

In addition to the power to turn into a dragon, she had the power to instantaneously change locations. Where she would appear was somewhat random. She was frustrated enough by the ordeal that she used this power to escape being chastised. She chose to appear somewhere really far away. As it happened, she appeared in a cave in another state.

There was someone in the cave, who she heard moving around. She became a dragon so that she could defend herself if she needed to. The person, who turned out to be male, spoke. He asked what she was doing here. She tried to convince him that she was a dragon that lived in this cave, and that he should leave.He informed her that this lie was rather bad, because he lived in the cave and had never seen a dragon. He wasn't angered by her trying to lie to him, though. For him this was normal; he might have done the same thing. A bad lie was just amusing.

He lit a fire in an old steel drum, and there was light. He was a werewolf-type creature, with the ability to heal almost instantly from most injuries. (He demonstrated by putting a cigar to his arm.) To him this was very unfortunate: he had a death wish. He was also an alcoholic.

When he was finished saying these things, he took a drink from the lighter fluid instead of his alcohol. He then started walking towards the fire. It was clear that he planned to (unrealistically) blow himself up by getting near the fire. My sister (back in semi-human form) grabbed his arm to stop him, but he pulled away.

At this point things get a little weird. There were several of the students there instead of just my sister. She and most of the others ran for cover, finding that going just around the bend in the cave led them back to the school. Then there was an explosion, immediately after which a teacher explained that one student had been injured trying to stop the guy, and that the guy had successfully killed himself.

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