Monday, July 6, 2009

Dream #5

I was looking for someone.

It was a kidnapping. I was expecting to see the kid and the unknown assailant around every corner. I was desperate.

There were police everywhere, but they were not looking. No reason was given for this; it seemed more like my personal thing, like maybe I was the only one who hadn't given up the search. Or like I hadn't yet gone to the police.

Another thing that was everywhere: machine guns. Some were manned by police, some were not. One that was not was manned by a dangerous-seeming teen.

This kid was proud of having learned how to man the gun. He felt it gave him power. The right to do whatever he wanted.

He had his eye on me. No particular reason, I think. He'd just chosen me as a target for pranks, at random. Experimenting, he tricked me into searching on a dirt path that went next to the highway. (The dream did not specify how he got me to do this. He did not speak to me.) This section of path led up to the boy's crow's nest, on which the machine gun was mounted.

All the machine guns were mounted next to the highway, though not all of them were on crow's nests.

I had started walking the dirt path near where the crow's nest was, heading back in the direction of town. I didn't find anything. I met the police once along the way, but they did not bother me. They said hello cheerily.

Once I'd gotten back to town following the path, things get fuzzier. The kid's girlfriend was talking to him (back in the crow's nest). She didn't see the point of his prank. I met some friends. One of them had the idea that garbage men could help with the search. "They have keys to everything." This seemed like a good idea in the dream. The friend had brought along a garbage man he'd been talking to.

That's it for that section.

I also dreamed that Daniel and I had started swimming up the creek that ran through our yard in Reed City (impossible in real life, as it is too small, and runs underground in human-installed tubes for most of its stay in town). To our amazement, at the end of the day we wound up swimming back into the yard, having gone a full circle that included some time in one of the great lakes. (Also impossible, of course, because streams end in the lakes, but do not begin there.) What I found impossible about the whole thing in the dream was that we'd swam against the current the whole way, going upstream instead of downstream.

In another portion of dream we visited a garden. (Daniel, Mom, and I.)

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