Monday, June 29, 2009

Dream #3

I only remember a few images.

One is me looking for a class that I was starting. Obviously, this is based on the fact that Daniel starts a class today, and had too look up the location yesterday. In the dream, I had not looked up the location. I remembered that it was a low-level math class, and that I had decided not to buy the book, figuring that I would be able to look up and print out the homework. I found a high-level math class and other classes that could not be it. The school from the dream was like middle school, except with 2 stories (though I stayed on the first) and the classrooms I was looking at were in the front, where the cafeteria and office are in real life.

Another snatch of the dream is I/we walking around in a city. I/we talked to this girl, who for some reason I don't recall started telling us about this game/papercraft/thing. "Basically it is a bunch of swear words in a specific sequence." It was a folded paper object on which you wrote the swear words, and then you get them back in sequence by folding over flaps and turning it inside out and so on. Daniel made one that used stick-figure illustrations with circles over different body parts to indicate the required swear words. (The stick figures were totally genderless and without anotomical detail, so really this would not work very well!)

I also remembered a 3rd part, but now I do not.


  1. mine involved going to see a therapist. the therapist was male and resembled the one i was dragged to last april. he thought i was anorexic because i was afraid of the dishes getting angry. but i really went there because Mum was concerned about my unhealthy obsession with drawing.