Monday, January 11, 2016


The main portion of the dream was about living in an unfinished house. The sense was somewhat post-apocalyptic, but more a large financial meltdown then a zombie apocalypse. There weren't resources to properly finish the house. However, I remember two houses; the idea seemed to be that we were taking stuff from my childhood home to try and finish this new house, but it wasn't going so well. I recall a storage room filled with furniture which had been painted over too many times, and then left unused. I also recall being in the old house with Mom and Daniel, and pointing out that all the books were supposed to be moved to the new house already. Mom replied that, well, we had moved everything at one point but we'd picked up new books since then. There was also a bit about flowers growing outside the old house, which mom recently planted. I tried to move a small one from a bad spot to a better one, but realized there were so many it didn't matter.

There was a song on the radio which I tried to look up in the dream because it seemed really interesting. I thought it could be the mamas and the papas, based on the style, but the content of the song was something about atheism. I wish I could remember more about it. There were lines saying that when you're getting married it all makes sense, but then what if you die and there's no recompense? That was the most significant line, but I don't remember what the other lyrics could have been. In the dream, I made up extra lyrics to the same melody which went something like: Moses stepped in the 20th way to find knowledge of God; but his knowledge was wrong to the present day. (This is mostly capturing the sense of what was said without capturing the rhythm. This "20th way" was an obvious indication that Moses had a lot of knowledge of rituals, in the dream.) I considered these new lyrics worse, but felt they added something missing in the song; something like comparison to ancient religion where the song discussed just modern.

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