Sunday, October 25, 2015


Day after day, we would have dinner with our host. The dinner was invariably excellent. Those around the table were mainly older men, greying. Our host - the master - was a quiet man, with an unremarkable face like a lump of flesh. Sometimes his part was played by a lacky. Sometimes a dog wearing human clothing. They thought we didn't notice when the master was switched out. How malleable we were! They were gaslighting us, teaching us not to notice. Day after day, we had lessons with the master. We were locked in, unable to leave this building except under one condition: proving that we had learned the master's ways by beating him in a contest if wits. I was determined to escape by other means. They caught me on my first attempt. I had snuck out a window to a neighboring apartment. My memory and/or the dream gets hazy after here.

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