Thursday, October 15, 2015

Estate Tour

I was on a tour of someone's estate in Germany. The estate had been turned into a kind of tourist attraction. There was a train which would take you all over the estate (which was nice enough that I considered just staying in it for a while), and also games were set up. We might realistically suppose these were augmented reality games with goggles or some such, but in the dream it was just as if you were able to play video games in real life with no boundary. In a swampy area, the game had to do with catching insects which were infected with the spirit of an evil witch; this was a scavenging hunt game with no violence, intended for younger children. (The connection of the witch to the story of the estate was not made clear in the dream.) In a large building which I take to be the central estate, there was a monster-slaying game. While playing this, the view became more abstract, as if I was playing an actual video game. The interface was somewhat confusing and I accidentally went up the stairs many more floors than I intended. The monsters grew more difficult with each floor, so on the floor I ended up at, the monsters were far too high for my level and kept simply killing me. (I would respawn on the same floor.) I was quite surprised at how many floors there were, given that I thought this building used to be the living quarters of the estate. I eventually found my way back down. Someone (plausibly my brother) was playing with me and we were chasing a cat (a real cat, I think) around the place.

Riding the train around the estate, I viewed many German houses and buildings out of the window. (These may have been on the estate as well, or simply near its borders.) All the buildings were painted bright colors, often primary colors, in dazzle-paint style. I felt somewhat surprised by this, but thought that it was typical of Germany, and so was a little puzzled why I should be surprised.

There was another part of the dream which I remember less well; this included a room with a console and tube which accessed a spaceship? Maybe an alien trying to get home?

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