Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Alien Settlement Bookstore

We were leaving a planet after an unsuccessful settlement attempt; forced out by the harsh wildlife, which took the form of an underground tentacle that would come up and destroy things, hurt/kill people. I was worried the tentacle had already grown into the ship somehow, but not too worried.

The whole thing was more like a game than a serious settlement: I had the feeling that we were waiting for the other "team" to show up, and part of why we had to leave was because they didn't show (rather than because of the harsh wildlife). It seemed like it would only be a short trip to the next star.

There was a rummage sale going on while we picked up camp, since some people had things they didn't care to keep. I was looking through books and trying to decide on a couple to take. There was a weirdly complex price system where some items would be free. It's likely that there was no coherent version in the dream, but it was something like: buy an item with a yellow ribbon on it and you can turn in the yellow ribbon to get a free item, but only from a specific category of freebie items.

In any case, I found two graphic novels and was trying to figure out the price system (as well as thinking about how I'd need to pack my own items and shouldn't be taking too much time going through other people's discards) when I woke up.

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