Thursday, August 21, 2014

Left Behind

My brother and I were at some kind of event, which was in an unfamiliar town. The person driving us was acting impatient, in a way which I took to be non-serious. It turned out to be totally serious: when my brother got out of the car to get something forgotten (like a cell phone or cell phone charger), he started the car and left. I thought at first he was still joking and would turn around, but when I figured out that he wouldn't, I got out of the car. I was a good distance away from the starting point already, and had to walk back through the unfamiliar city (including walking on some roadways not intended for pedestrians, because I needed to retrace the route taken by the car to avoid getting lost).

I also remember another part of the dream, which had to do with getting food in a greatly distorted version of my hometown school. (Too distorted to identify as middle school / high school / elementary school.) I think this was the event we were going to (despite the unfamiliar town). There were people there who had gone to school near when I did, but different enough that they were several grades below me and I had never heard of them while in school.

There was a detail about a kid who was universally shunned by the people in his grade while in school.

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