Monday, May 1, 2017


There was a long path through the wilderness from where me and my brother were staying to some really interesting town. We decided to walk all the way, which was somewhat crazy (would take all day) but doable. We got involved in an armed conflict which at first involved knights vs dinosaurs. When we were almost to our destination, we decided that it would be wise to turn back and stop at a grocery store which we had passed a little way back, to get some food. At this point the path transformed to a kind of long back-alley path through a city rather than a path through the woods. The route was a kind of "underground railroad" for the faction we had fallen in with in the conflict. It was important that we get back to the grocery store to retrieve supplies quickly, so we stopped at a safe-house along the path to retrieve bicycles. The safe-house was an artist's residence, and also a frequent host to large and wild parties, to avert suspicions about large gatherings there. The architecture makes me think it was a church renovated to turn it into a house -- large entryway with multiple double doors, to facilitate potentially large crowds coming in. We got the bikes and the host was happy to be of service to the underground militia. We retrieved supplies from the grocery store.

Due to an accident, there was a semi truck stopped in the middle of the road. For some reason it was more important to take care of the truck than the trucker, who was unconscious by the side of the road. Maybe I was taking the truck for use of the underground militia, but that was unclear; the battle was more or less forgotten by this point in the dream.

I wasn't very good at driving the truck, so I missed the turn-in for the gas station I was trying to take it to. I looped around and came to a service station specifically for trucks, which was much more expensive. Somehow this seemed like the better option anyway. The place used a truck-lifting device to raise the truck to where it could be fuelled. While I was talking with the employee there, the truck driver (still laying unconscious by the side of the road) began to wake up. I hoped that it would be obvious enough that he should come to the nearby service station. (There was no justification in the dream for why I shouldn't just go to help him.)

I think at some point I discovered that there was already an extra tank of fuel on board the truck which I could use.

It turned out that there was a famous tech startup in the top floor of the service station. There were a lot of cool people who I knew. The space was set up kind of like a university computer lab, with rows of computers on desks, but everything was exceptionally nice; antique varnished-wood tables and sort of a hipster coffee shop vibe. There was a slightly more private space in one corner where the actual work was getting done (somewhat walled-off between computers). The rest of the space was open for anyone to come and hang around.

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