Monday, January 10, 2011

Dream #9

I was participating in some sort of con, dressed up as a character. There was another person dressed as a closely related character, as well as a few other friends. (In the dream I was not clearly Abram Demski. The person dressed as a closely related character was also closely related to dream-me... maybe spouse, sibling, or perhaps close roommate.)

There was definitely halloween-themed stuff going on... actually, there was a halloween-christmas themed decoration: every so many minutes, a "haunted santa sled ride" would happen-- this was all robotic, and went from the edge of the hotel property to right up next to the door, and back.

There were a couple of people who were asking me to fix their computers, somewhat crankily ("you guys are computer experts, you should be able to just fix this"). This, at least, is something from my life!

The doors to the hotel were falling apart, and easily breakable. At one point this was totally surreal, as if the doors were pieces of crumbly wax which were piled on top of each other (stacked like fallen dominoes), and I had to wedge an opening between them.

As the dream was ending, I was talking to someone else in the entrance of the hotel, and I suddenly noticed that a guide to small talk was posted on the wall. It was only three or four rules, but I couldn't read the whole thing exactly since it was a dream-- I just got a general impression. (My explanation for this was that I had only skimmed it, but when I looked back to try to read the whole thing, I once again only skimmed it.)

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