Saturday, September 8, 2012


I am trying to remember the dream as I write this.

I recall a village which was distinct for having almost all women, with only a few men. This place was next to a lake. There was a rich man who thought that he could live in this place and have many women; however, when he approached the women sexually, they would cut him in a ritualistic way. He had many cuts, which formed patterns across his arms and face, but it seemed as if he was not learning to behave differently. Perhaps he enjoyed the cutting.

I think he was acting as our guide in the village. We arrived at the beach. The beach had two different areas, which I thought of as two different "rooms". I didn't figure out exactly what the two areas were for; perhaps one was for children (families with children) and the other was for adults. The area with more children had many different toys, which I figured out were brought by the families, not belonging to the village. These toys were mostly different kinds of artificial walls, to build fortresses, slides, et cetera with. I slid down a wall one child had placed against a large, unusual structure of sand (a natural wall, with a somewhat solid flat top).

I'm sure there was stuff before all of this; specifically, travelling to the village...

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