Monday, September 10, 2012


I had found, I thought, the perfect girl. We were in love, and thinking about marriage. However, some of our family was against it... mainly because of the "our" part in that last phrase. We were relatives by marriage: my father and her mother were recently married (or vice versa; it wasn't specific in the dream). They would have preferred us to think of each other as brother and sister. One of them told us (in a threatening tone) to look up the laws on incest. (These characters had no resemblance to my real parents.)

I remember the setting of the dream included two apartments which were close to each other, in the same building. Perhaps one was ours and one was theirs. I could give some detail about the layout, but just imagine that nothing is flat: no rooms or hallways are on the exact same level as everything else; all the floors are broken by stairways or ramps, and even single rooms will typically be divided into parts, such as a raised stage. The ground floor of this building seemed to be a school.

Deep winter outside. I was helping out with a class, but for some reason, we needed to call a temporary break and go to get something. I have the sense that my brother was part of "we" in this section, but there was also a teacher. The children were left unsupervised. I was somewhat unsettled by this, but apparently it was normal; they were considered capable of taking care of themselves. We went out.

It seems we had made this same journey many times. There was another character who we met along the way; we made the comment that we always seem to meet him on these trips. There were many people out today, but we made the observation that we had walked this path on days when almost no one went out, for the cold.

I don't remember much else.

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