Sunday, May 26, 2013

Taking Out Tanks

What I remember of the dream begins with an epic convergence of souls. I believe I followed at least one of the characters before this point, but I cannot recall. The sense of the dream was this: a story involving many characters acting independently, yet mystically coordinated in some way to accomplish a larger plan. The idea was that the observer (me) would never understand the whole plan; the actions of some characters in the story would never make sense. Yet, a coherent part of the action was to be revealed.

At the point in the dream where my memory begins, many characters had been acting independently for some time. The development of the plan was now at a point where, just this once, a specific subset of the characters would be brought together in mystic space (mentally sharing the same experiences while their bodies remain far apart). Before this and after this, each would be acting independently with no knowledge of what the others are doing. However, these specific people had the unique opportunity of knowing that there was a larger plan, and knowing some of their fellow workers in the plan.

The shared mystical experience was confusing, though, and did not answer many questions. (It more or less revealed just what I've described above.) At the end, the characters still did not know exactly what was expected of them.

Once the vision was over, two people (one younger girl, the other inspecific) found themselves in an abandoned building on the top of a hill. Further exploration revealed that many small cannons were in the building, along with everything needed to make cannonballs from metal. Outside, the hill was populated with apple trees. It seemed clear that the plan had provided the apples for food, and intended the two of them to make cannonballs for the cannons. They used the furnace to cook an apple while they were getting used to their surroundings and planning.

Soon (the next morning?), a company of tanks started to pass by on a path below them in the hills. (The hills they were on were overlooking an ocean, and the path was roughly halfway between them and the ocean.) They recognized the tanks as enemies, and saw that they were in an abandoned fortress which was concealed from the tanks by trees and height. They saw that they were supposed to shoot at the tanks with the cannons. Unfortunately, they had only made a single cannon ball so far. They were not prepared. They started attacking the tanks anyway, firing their single shot and trying to make more in a hurry.

The single shot was enough to alert the tanks to their presence, and they were soon under direct attack. The two resorted to some negotiation and trickery with their enemies. I remember the young lady putting on a dress with a lit bomb in the back of it, and getting the captors to panic about extinguishing the bomb (it was not intended as a suicide attack, but rather a ploy). This somehow worked to their advantage such that they were accepted into the company of strangers. (I also remember some business with switching the lit fuse on the bomb with a lit thread from the dress, somehow further tricking the enemy, but I don't think it made any sense.)

The dream ended with the sense that we cannot know whether the mysterious plan was still working, or whether they had failed in what they were supposed to accomplish.

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