Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alien Invasion

I was at some kind of summer camp. I don't remember all the details of the early part of the dream, but at some point a yellow liquid started to become important. The liquid came in with a supply truck, and people were treating it like it was a new novelty drink or something like that. It eventually became clear that the yellow liquid was an alien being who would replace parts of your brain if you drank it. It could even gain some control over you if a droplet got in your eye, or otherwise got into your body somehow. People who were infected by the yellow liquid would try to get other people infected, either by enthusiasm (acting like the drink is really good, or failing that, playing with the liquid and splashing each other) or by force when necessary. When I figured this out, I started avoiding people. I eventually decided to run, but by this point they had become suspicious and someone followed me. There was a swampy lake to the back of the camp, which I swam in to escape. The other person continued to come after me, but I eventually lost them and gained the other shore.

There was a field there, which I'm familiar with from other dreams. Actually, it was two fields, one slightly lower than the other, and with a somewhat sheltered path between. I thought at first that I could stay there, but then I decided that they would most likely come after me in larger numbers by morning. I  kept walking. I quickly arrived at what seemed like a miniature golf course. I walked through this and arrived at some roads with a few houses and a view of a larger city in the distance. The reality of the dream was starting to fall apart. I was thinking about how I was wrong to run away; to people in the city, I would at best be a crazy homeless person talking about alien invasion. More likely, the city would already be infected with the yellow liquid. Running was pointless in a planetary invasion. I arrived at the city, but by this point there was no reality left in the dream. There were a few fractured images of buildings which I wasn't able to hold together as I woke up.

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